The Change Leadership Conference Toronto. May 31st, 2017

change leadership


Responding to Change & Innovation Better and Faster

Not Just another Leadership Event, it’s the Change Leadership EXPERIENCE!

Change has never been as dynamic as it is today. One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is the increasing need to keep abreast and ahead of the rapid pace of change. Leaders at all levels are constantly being confronted by changes in the area of technology, digital trends, customer expectations, data management, disruptive innovation etc. Alongside these changes are regulatory controls, and an ever-changing political environment.

With these rapid changes come the responsibility for leaders to successfully lead their teams and to create a culture that is able to respond to change better and faster. As a Leader, Manager, Team Leader or Business Owner, it is often your responsibility to set the pace, and keep abreast of industry and market trends in order to respond to change quickly, and help your team navigate through these transitions.

There are tried and proven methods that can help you respond to change better and faster, thereby leading you to successful outcomes and higher returns on investment. At this Change Leadership event, our expert speakers and panel will share the change leadership tools, strategies and innovative practices that participants can adopt to successfully lead change and innovation in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Why You Should Attend?

Get insider tips, strategies and knowledge to lead change and innovation in today’s INCREDIBLY fast-paced business environment.

It’s about the HOW. Going far beyond the WHAT & WHY!

If you want to INCREASE YOUR INFLUENCE, and be able to successfully LEAD CHANGE within your team, organization or business sector, this is the event for you!

  • Create a culture of change and increase your influence
  • Learn how to respond to change better and faster
  • Hear real-life case studies on leading change and innovation
  • Better harness your teams in leading and managing resistance to change
  • Increase ROIs from change initiatives in your organization
  • Strategies and insights to stay ahead in a competitive market

About The Change Leadership

‘The Change Leadership’ series is dedicated to driving positive change by empowering individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations as effective change leaders. We believe that everything rises and falls on leadership, and for successful change to take place, it starts with strong and effective leadership.

Change is dynamic and unending; it is foundational for success, growth and market leadership. Without change, we remain stagnant, experience financial losses, and lose our relevance in the marketplace!

For successful change to to occur, it takes strong leadership and commitment! And strong leadership requires growth and continuous learning. ‘The Change Leadership’ series meets these needs and provides a forum to help Leaders become more effective in driving results that count, and increase return on investments!

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