Four Reasons Why Headshots Are Important


Often a headshot is your potential client’s first impression of you.

Nothing is more important than a first impression. A potential client’s decision to do business with you will often be based in large part on the sense of your competence, professionalism and demeanor. That shot of you at some event taken with your friend’s 5 MP camera DOES NOT CUT IT. Headshots are important to let your client know that you care enough about business, to make an effort.


You need to increase your client base.

Updating your current business headshot or getting one done in the first place and then using it on every piece of marketing material you have and on the reverse side of your business card is the first step to increasing your client base.


You’re single and can use it on Facebook or dating sites.

Be honest…we know that you’re going to use the picture on your law-firm website but you’re also going to upload it to your Facebook or dating profile. .


You were recently laid-off/fired/down-sized/etc.

A headshots gives you an advantage over the person that isn’t ready to hit the ground running. Your new employer can use the image for press releases, trade magazines, speaking engagements, marketing collateral, personnel files, I.D. cards and more.




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