Financial Security Planning

Official-Facebook-PictureOur clients will have the comfort of knowing their interests and needs come first. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an investment and financial security planning process that is supported by the fundamental principles of diversification, asset allocation, dollar-cost averaging, and helping them maintain a long-term focus.Our mission is to help our clients “C.A.P.” their future by helping them Create an estate, Accumulate wealth and Preserve their estate.Products that we use to help our clients acheive financial success:-Individual life insurance
-Universal Life
-Segregated funds, RRSP’s
-Annuities, RRIF’s and LIF’s
-Individual disability insurance
-Individual critical illness insurance
-Individual health and dental insurance
-Business Insurance
-Key person insurance
-Business continuation
-Buy/Sell agreements
-Group insurance
-Group retirement plans
-Mutual funds – RESP’s, RRSP’s, and RRIF’s

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